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Industrial Pond Liners

Industrial Pond Liners are a reliable addition to any pond, lake, lagoon, collection pit, or stormwater runoff area. Offered in a range of robust materials, these liners work to strengthen your pond and reduce seeping into the surrounding areas. Available fabrics include PVC, RPE, LLDPE, XR-5, and Polypropylene to contain and control all types of liquids. Please feel free to browse through our variety listed below or give us a call at (+1) 772-646-0597 to discuss your pond liner requirements.

Pond Fabric Liner Options


12 mil

20 mil

24 mil

36 mi


geomembrane liners

30 mil XR-5

40 mil XR-5

36 mil RPE

36 mil RPE

45 mil RPE


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Pond Liner Applications

Due to the range of available materials and chemical resistances, pond liners have been used in a wide range of applications spanning anywhere from pond lining to industrial containment.


  • liner geomembranePond Liner
  • Construction Pond Storage
  • Lake Liners
  • Lagoon Liners
  • Large Pond Liners
  • Pit Liners
  • Irrigation Ponds
  • Industrial Waste Ponds

In addition to various fabrics, liners are also available in thickness sizes anywhere from 3 mil to 60 mil. If you are looking for a liner that you do not see, please don't hesitate to ask us.

Industrial Pond Liners

Typical Pond Liner Materials

pond linersMaterials used for these pond liners can range anywhere from hdpe to an XR-5 geomembrane, including LLDPE, Reinforced Polyethylene, Polypropylene, XR-5 and more. This huge variety can help with a wide selection of pond liquids including:

  • Waste Water
  • Natural Pond Water
  • Salt Water
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Frac Water
  • Industrial Liquids

Anytime you are looking for an industrial liner, please be sure to let us know what the dimensions are of our pond so we can provide you with the correct pond liner pricing.