20 mil HDPE Liner

HDPE Pond Liners

20 mil hdpe linerQuestion: I am looking for a 20 mil. HDPE liner that I can use to line a pond. Is this a kind of liner you have available for purchase?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! We do have a 20 mil. Liner that is available for the lining of ponds, landfills, and other waste areas. These liners are made from two layers of material to help block hydrocarbons from seeping into the ground. Liners have often been used to line ponds, landfills, construction areas, and other locations where there might be leaks or spills. Looking for a liner with more thickness? Check out our complete Liner Variety.

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There are several features found on this liner that help to equip it for extended use in outdoor conditions and complete protection against hazardous materials and chemical substances. Features on this unit include:

  • Thickness: 20 mil
  • Construction: 2 Layers of Black Material
  • Resistances: Low Temperature Cold Crack Resistance up to -60° F
  • Hydrocarbon Stable
  • Exterior: Black
  • 20 mil Liner Specifications

Containment Liner Benefits

This hdpe liner can offer customers many benefits during its use including:

  • High Resistance to Outdoor Conditions: The 20 mil. HDPE liner uses a quality material construction that gives it both UV resistance and the ability to hold up in cold temperatures. This helps to protect your unit regardless of your location.
  • Versatile: This 20 mil. liner has a versatile design that has allowed it to be used in several different locations and applications including secondary containment on construction sites, pond lining, liners for landfills, and quick response to leaks and spills that occur from machinery, vacuum trucks, and more.
  • Hydrocarbon Stable: Since these liners are intended for use in protection and containment applications, their hydrocarbon stable exterior helps to increase protection in your area and stabilize the surrounding areas.

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Questions? We can help! Call our team at +1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.