275 gallon Tank Containment

Oil Tank Secondary Containment Sump

Question: I am looking for a 275 gallon tank containment sump that I can use to hold and contain liquids from a oil tank secondary containment275 gallon oil tank. Would you have anything like this available?

Answer: For the storage and containment of 275 gallon tanks, a great option would be the Oil Tank Secondary Containment Sump. This containment system is designed to successfully store and contain liquids from a tank in the event of a tank spill or leak. These sumps are made from a highly reliable poly tank material that is designed to handle the nature of potentially harmful materials such as oil, fuel, or other chemical products.

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Tank Containment Sumps

The containment sump design uses high quality fabric materials that can successfully handle the storage and nature of products that will be contained within your tank. While this containment sump is compatible with oil, fuel, and several different chemical materials, it is primarily designed for short-term storage in the event of an emergency and should not be used as long-term storage of these products.

Containment Sump Features

  • 275 gallon Sump
  • Rugged Poly Construction
  • Designed for Obround Tanks
  • Models Available with and without drain
  • Available Additional Accessories: bulkhead fittings, tarp, trickle filter

275 gallon Tank Containment Sump Advantages

When using this sump as a form of secondary containment, there are several advantages that you might be able to find to its use. Some of these benefits include:

  • Successfully Contains Liquids in a Spill
  • Resistant to Rust, Corrosion, Leaks and Spills
  • Compatible with Fuel, Oil, and Several Chemicals
  • Compliance with Several Containment Regulations including EPA 40 CFR 264, SPCC, and NPDES requirements

Due to its rugged polyethylene construction, these tanks are ideal for several different locations. These sumps have been successfully used in outdoor job sites, industrial storage facilities, and multiple additional locations that require the storage of fuel. If you will be using this containment sump in an outdoor location, please make sure that the unit is properly covered to prevent the sump from filling with water or dirt.

These containment sumps are available both with and without a drain. Items like a self-bailer may also be connected to the sump to help simultaneously filter and drain and containment sump.

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