Containment Berm for a 2500 Gallon Tank

Secondary Containment Tank Berms

Question: I am looking for a containment berm for a 2,500 gallon tank and also for a tank that is 5,000 gallons. I would require these berms to be able to hold 110% the capacity of my tanks. Do you have berms for these requirements? What berm options would I require?

Answer: In order to choose the berm that will best meet your storage requirements, there are a couple of additional facts we would first need to know:

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  1. spill bermWhat are these tanks storing? During any type of secondary containment, the first requirement is typically knowing what type of liquid is needing to be contained. Liners and materials for our berms are often chosen based specifically on the liquid you are looking to store.

  2. How large are your tanks? Similarly, knowing the dimensions of these tanks can help us choose the berm that will best meet your requirements.

  3. What is the available space? Any time you are choosing a secondary containment product, it is also helpful to know your specific space restrictions. While our berms are often made in standard sizes, knowing your limitations can help us choose a berm to match your location.

Calculating your Containment Requirements

In order to meet your containment requirements, tanks will need to be able to store 110 percent that amount of your tanks. To find out how much this will be for your tanks, you calculate 10 percent of your tank capacity and add it to the original value.

  • 2,500 Gallon Tank: This tank will require a secondary containment capacity of 2,750 gallons.
  • 5,000 gallon Tank: This tank will require a secondary containment capacity of 5,500 gallons.

Together these tanks will require a combined needed capacity of 8,250 gallons.

berm for a 2500 gallon tankWhen calculating the capacity of one of our berms, you will first need to find the volume (typically in cubic feet) and then convert that capacity. A cubic foot is equal to approximately 7.48 gallons.

Depending on your location, any one of our berms may be able to work for your location. Aluminum angle are typically the most rigid but other berms such as air wall and foam wall may also work depending on your requirements.

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