Chemical Spill Containment

Secondary Chemical Spill Containment

containment sumpsChemical spill containment is often required when storing chemicals in industrial facilities, construction sites, or bulk storage locations. Whether you are storing chemicals in drums, vehicles, storage vessels, or other containers, we have a spill containment system to meet your storage needs!

Depending on the chemical you need to store and the available space in your location, different containment items may work better than others at providing 110% spill containment in your area. Some of the most common options for this type of containment includes spill pallets, containment berms and small spill trays.

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Containment Berms

aluminum angle bermsOne of the most common secondary containment products for chemical spill control is a Secondary Containment Berm. Made in both small and large sizes to meet various storage vessels, these berms are equipped to handle chemicals, hydrocarbons, and fuels for temporary spill containment.

The containment berm shown to the right features our Aluminum Angle Berm model. These berms features rigid one foot (1') high walls that contain aluminum angle brackets located in pre-designed pockets around the containment walls. This helps to create a firm wall structure that can still be removed as needed for driving vehicles or moving equipment onto the berm.

Spill Containment Pallets

For long-term storage applications, another spill containment favorite is our Spill Containment Pallets. Made in models with large containment sumps, low-profile decks, or full containment covers, these products offer containment for almost any spill storage and containment application.

drum spill palletsOptions include:

  • Drum Hardcovers (includes moving tops for weather protection)
  • Spill Sumps
  • Flexible Spill Pallets
  • Low Profile Spill Decks/Workstations

Often features a hard polyethylene construction, these products are the perfect way to store and contain spills in almost any storage location.

Temporary Chemical Spill Containment

spill containment traysFor temporary spill containment, we also offers smaller and more short-term products for quick containment or control of small spill items. These temporary control items include small folding trays and rigid Spill Containment Trays for quick spill control. These short-term containment products are often used for small chemical spills or quick equipment storage during work on machinery of vehicles.

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