Containment Onion Tank

Self Rising Onion Tank

onion tankQuestion: I am looking for a containment onion tank that I can use for liquid containment under some vehicles and tanks on my site. I need the tank to be able to support 500 gallons of liquid. Would you have anything this large? How high would the tank be? What materials can it hold?

Answer: The self-rising onion tank is a reliable choice for the type of containment you are looking for under both tanks and vehicles. These economical tanks are designed to sit underneath your tank or leaking part and rise on their own as they fill with liquid. Standard sizing for these tanks includes capacities ranging from 250 to 10,000 gallons, providing you with an option large enough for the liquid containment you have mentioned.

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Onion Tank Specifications

The Secondary Containment Onion Tank is a highly versatile product that has been used for the containment of multiple liquids including hydrocarbons, oil, fuel, and more. Standard features you will find on this type of tank including the following:

  • Foam Collar (Rises on its own as it fills with liquids)
  • Self-Supporting Sides
  • Multiple Material Options
    • Elvaloy or PVC fabrics
    • Materials will vary depending on the liquid you need to store.
  • Optional Drain Fittings

For the 500 gallon onion tank model, standard sizing includes the following:

  • Base: 84 inches
  • Height: 32 inches (when completely filled)

Containment Onion Tank Applications

high side onion tankThis self rising onion tank offers several advantages to its design, including its ability to rise on its own. This self-support and versatility has allowed the tank to be implemented in some of the following ways:

  • Containment Under Tanks: Onion tanks can lie flat with the tank placed in the center of the unit. If the storage tank begins to leak, the onion tank will naturally rise to form a basin of containment under and around your storage vessel.
  • Containment Under Vehicles and Machinery: Due to its light weight structure, these onion tanks have also been quickly moved to a leak on site. Onion storage units can be quickly placed under a leaking valve, part, or loose connection, as needed.
  • Decontamination Efforts: Offering a resistance to hydrocarbons, this tank has also been effectively used as a decontamination pool. Onion tanks have been used to wash off equipment including booms, absorbents, and outfits.

Looking for a large containment unit? The onion tank is also available in several larger capacities up 10,000 gallons with both high and low sides.

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