Containment Pallets Spill

The Slim-Line Pallet for Compact Storage

Slim Line Spill Pallet for 55 Gallon Drums

Containment Pallets Spill Control Systems are a low profile containment option for storing and containment pallets spillcontaining up to four 55 gallon drums. Made with a low profile twelve inch (12") height, these pallets keep drums contained without taking up too much extra space. Compact in nature, these pallets are ideal for facilities, warehouses, job sites and commercial buildings storing 55 gallon drums.

In order to control spilled hazardous materials, each containment pallet features a high strength polyethylene shell, removable grates and a robust bottom sump. In the event of a leak, liquids will seep into the bottom sump storage area where they will remain until proper clean up and disposal can be performed. Sumps helps prevent floor spills and contain hazardous liquids to a central area. Use of spill pallets has helped to keep multiple sites in compliance with local and federal regulations.

If you have questions about spill containment berms and products, give us a call at 1-772-646-0597or request a price quote.

Spill Container Features:

  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Twelve (12) inch Profile
  • Stores up to (4) 55 gallon Drums
  • Handling Capacity: 6,000 Pounds
  • Optional Built-in Drain Model Available

Spill Container Benefits:

  • Robust Containment and Storage
  • High Strength Removable Grates
  • Keeps Spilled Liquids in a Central Location
  • Low Profile for Easy Loading
  • Naturally Surrounds Drums during Dispensing and Storage
  • Safety Yellow for Easy Spotting
  • Stores Liquids in Sump until Proper Clean Up

How Does This Product Keep you in Compliance?

If you have questions about spill containment berms and products, give us a call at 1-772-646-0597 or request a price quote.


Containment Pallets Spill Control
Technical Specifications

Load Bearing Capacity
Sump Capacity
54" L x 54" W x 12" H
(137 cm x 137 cm x 30 cm)
91 lbs. (41 kg)
6000 lbs.
(2700 kg)
66 gal.
(250.8 L)
54" L x 54" W x 12" H
(137 cm x 137 cm x 30 cm)
73 lbs. (33 kg)
3000 lbs.
(1361 kg)
66 gal.
(250.8 L)

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Economy Models

Slim-line containment pallets are also available in an Economical version. These have all the same features as the standard 4 drum slim-line pallets, but are made from 100% recycled materials.


Additional Spill Containment Options

While these units are the perfect low-profile options, we additionally offer several containment pallets spill units designed with increased sump containment spaces, hardcovers or low profile decks. These are equipped to store anywhere from 2 to 8 drums. Additional options include:

  • Fuel Tank Containment Sumps
  • Low Profile Decks
  • Temporary Storage Trays
  • Rolling Spill Collectors
  • Hard Top Covers

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