Containment Pool

Self-Rising Onion Tanks

containment poolContainment Pools are one of the fastest ways to address leaking valves, tanks, fittings, or storage equipment. Often used as an emergency response or decontamination tank, these pools feature a foam collar structure that allows them to rise on their own as the tank fills with liquid.

Standard construction of these pools includes an open top and self-supporting walls. With the ability to rise on its own, as needed, these popup pools provide decontamination storage and reliable containment for leaks. The flexible design makes them perfect for fast response, emergency situations.

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Containment Pool Features

  • containment poolSelf Rising Foam Wall
  • 22 oz PVC Construction
  • Multiple Sizing Options
  • Open Top
  • Self-Supporting Walls
  • Installation Instructions

Containment Pool Benefits

  • Self Rising as it Fills with Liquid
  • High Chemical Resistance
  • Self Rising
  • Quickly & Effectively Contains Leaks
  • Compact
  • Easy Transportation from One Location to the Next
  • Low Profile for Easy Storage

Containment Pool Applications

  • Emergency Responsecontainment pool
  • Secondary Containment
  • Quick Storage Under Leaks
  • Decon Pools
  • Short Term Storage
  • Leaking Valve Containment
  • Spill Kit Component


Containment Pools Sizes

Size Material
25 gallons
22 oz PVC Fabric
50 gallons
22 oz PVC Fabric
75 gallons
22 oz PVC Fabric
100 gallons
22 oz PVC Fabric
150 gallons
22 oz PVC Fabric
200 gallons
22 oz PVC Fabric
250 gallons
22 oz PVC Fabric
300 gallons
22 oz PVC Fabric
400 gallons
22 oz PVC Fabric
500 gallons
22 oz PVC Fabric

*See the Product Flyer for additional sizes.

Pop up pools are a great way to contain leaks and spills under valves, machinery and other equipment. In addition to these pools, we also offer several other containment products including the following:

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