Decontamination Containment Tank

Self-Supporting Frame Tank

decontamination containment tankQuestion: I am looking for a decontamination containment tank that I can use as a hazmat decon pool. I require something fairly large and I would prefer if it contained metal sides. Do you have anything like this?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! For the type of containment you have mentioned, a great option would be the Self-Supporting Frame Tank. This containments tank is highly economical and features a PVC liner that is placed within a quick-setup steel or aluminum frame. These tanks can be built to various required lengths and often feature custom sizes that equip them precisely for use in your location.

Due to their highly flexible design, these secondary containment tanks have often been used as a decon pool for washing off equipment after an oil spill cleanup or hazmat spill.

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Frame Tank Features

This particular tank is designed with reliability in mind and features several different components that work to equip you with complete containment of your liquids. Features include:

  • PVC Liner: This liner material is designed to offer a high resistance to several materials including potentially harmful or damaging liquids.

  • Frame: These tanks come with your choice of either steel or aluminum frames.
    • Steel Frame: The steel frame is typically constructed from a 7/8 14 gauge HREW P & O Carbon. This material is heavier in weight and is ideal for large capacity, demanding, or stationary storage requirements.
    • Aluminum Frame: The aluminum frame uses 6061-T6 materials and is typically lighter in weight for faster setup and transportation to a new facility.

Either frame can provide you with a reliable structure for containing liquids and washing down your products.

In terms of size, the decontamination containment tank comes in several different standard sizes that include lengths up to four feet (4'), widths up to eight feet (8'), and a height of one foot (1'). However, if you require a specific storage capacity or size, custom tanks are also available to meet individual storage requirements.

See the Frame Tank Product Flyer for all standard options.

Frame Tank Benefits

When compared to other tanks, the folding frame decon pool has many different benefits including the ability to be quickly transported and setup on new locations. This can be particularly useful in a containment or decontamination effort as tanks can be set up quickly to accommodate your materials.

  • Carry Back for Transportation
  • Quick Setup
  • Reliable Liner for Dealing with Contaminants
  • Multiple Sizes Available
  • Multi-Purpose

Questions? We can help! Call our team at +1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.