Decontamination Spill Berms

Foam Wall & Angle Berms

spill bermFor control and containment in your location, decontamination spill berms are designed to help assist you with all your spill requirements. Made from a flexible material, these berms are designed to fit directly underneath your vehicle, machinery, truck, or other storage device. Once in place, berms will be able to catch water, leaks, drips, or spills that occur during the decontamination process. This helps to keep your site protected during this process.

Spill containment berms are made in several different styles including foam wall, aluminum angle wall, and drive through combination berms.

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Spill Berm Options

In order to keep your site and equipment fully contained during transportation and decon requirements, berms are available in several different styles and options. Some of the most common styles for these berms include the following:

Foam Wall Berms

foam wall containment bermsFoam Wall Berms are perfect for moving equipment and machinery such as storage vehicles, booms, barriers, and more. These berms feature foam that has been built into the side walls of the containment device. This allows for vehicles to drive directly over the side wall of the berm. This makes containment and the washing down the equipment easy.

Aluminum Angle Wall Berms

aluminum angle bermsThe Aluminum Angle Wall Berms are perfect for the washing down equipment. Built with a high containment wall of around 1 foot, these berms are a great way to contain liquids during a decontamination effort.

Aluminum angle wall decontamination spill berms create a higher containment level to catch water during the wash down of equipment. For drive through or moving parts, entrances of the berm can be lowered to all for driving into the containment area.

Containment Berm Features

  • Reliable Liner Fabrics (PVC, LLDPE, Urethane, XR-5, or Equivalent Materials)
  • Foam Wall Berms or Aluminum Angle Side Walls
  • Multiple Lengths & Sizes
  • Portable
  • Easy to Setup and Install on your Location

Additional Decon Options:

frame tankFor decontamination, you might also consider one of our Secondary Containment Tanks and Pools. Several of these tanks are made with a self-rising or pop-up ability to respond fast to spills. Options include:

  • Aluminum Angle Frame Tank
  • Pop-Up Tank
  • Self-Rising Onion Tank
  • Poly Spill Basins
  • View all Containment Tanks

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