Double Walled Collection Tank

Double Wall Storage Tank

Question: I am looking for a vertical double walled collection tank that I can use for the containment of contaminated water. This will be emptied by a vacuum truck. I need a volume of 2000 gallons and I also require that it fits within a 10-foot diameter vault.

Answer: double walled collection tankFor the primary and secondary containment of contaminated water, a great option would be the Double Wall Storage Tank. These durable polyethylene tanks feature a primary storage tank that is completely contained within a secondary outer tank. This provides a safe area of space for liquids to be stored in the event of a small leak or spill from the primary tank. This can be especially useful when dealing with potentially harmful materials as it removes the need for any extra secondary containment.

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Double Wall Containment Tank Features:

As mentioned before, the double wall containment tank is designed for the storage and secondary containment of various storage liquids. Features used for these secondary containment tanks include various fittings and construction to successfully contain several different liquids.

Typical features found on this tank include some of the following:

  • Polyethylene Construction: Resistant to several chemicals, as well as rust and corrosion that may occur when storing water.
  • Primary Tank
  • Secondary Containment Tank
  • FDA Compliant Resin
  • Closed Top Tank Design
  • Wide Range of Capacities (50 to 6000 gallons)

The 2000 gallon Double Wall Tank

For double wall storage, a 2000 gallon tank is available for this type of contaminated storage and containment. These tanks will be able to fit within a 10 foot diameter vault and have the following dimensions:

  • Tank Capacity: 2000 gallons
  • Tank Diameter: 86"
  • Tank Height: 156"

The double walled collection tank can be successfully used in both indoor and outdoor storage locations. This is achieved through the built-in top cover that encloses the liquids completely within the tank and prevents any outdoor elements (such as snow, rain, debris, sediment, etc.) that could fall into your tank and take up valuable storage space.

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Questions? We can help! Call our team at +1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.