Drum Pallet Accessories

Additional Equipment for a Spill Containment System

Pullover CoverPullover Cover
One of many drum pallet accessories, the drum containment pullover cover works as a fitted tarp for poly spill pallets. The matte polyester/knit construction keeps equipment dry, free from mildew, and provides additional protection from the elements. The material will not crack, swell, rust, or corrode. This lightweight pullover cover is available in two sizes to fit many 2-drum and 4-drum poly spill pallets.

Spill Deck Wrench
The spill deck wrench securely attaches and detaches 3/4" bulkhead fittings to poly spill pallets. Its durable construction holds up to harsh chemicals. The spill deck wrench is usually part of a spill containment system that helps pallets comply with EPA Container Storage Regulation 40 CFR 264.175 and Uniform Fire Code Spill Containment Regulations.

Vapor LockVapor Lock
The vapor lock lessens vapors that can form from certain chemicals. The opening has a T-shaped, polyethylene cap that locks into place. Along with the cap, it comes with a fill tube that slides though the drum's bung and goes down below the liquid level. Now the drum can be filled from the bottom up, making it far less likely for the liquid to splash inside the drum and form vapors. The vapor lock is useful in meeting the regulations for the EPA of closed containers.

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Repair PuttyRepair Putty
One of the most versatile drum pallet accessories, the spill protector repair putty seals leaks and cracks in most solid material. The repair putty is durable epoxy putty that hardens to a steel-like substance in less than one hour. Designed to be molded by hand into a custom shape, it's excellent for fixing a pipe, a crack in the glass, or a leak in a steel drum. The repair putty comes in a case of 12 sticks.

Drum SealDrum Seal with Carrying Case
The drum seal tourniquet is a drum containment solution that seals off a puncture in a steel drum. The drum tourniquet works like as a magnetic bandage when a drum gets damaged and needs a quick seal. Simply place the chemical resistance pad over the area, and then follow with the magnetic tourniquet; it latches itself on to the steel drum, stopping the leak. The stainless steel drum seals consist of two magnets. These magnetic seals are very useful to have on-hand in case of emergency spill repair. Also, a non-magnetic universal model is available, which uses a ratchet strap system.

Drum Seal CaseThe drum seal carrying case is a mountable unit designed to easily store and transport drum tourniquets. Constructed from a vinyl fabric, the cases are often mounted or strapped directly to forklifts as they move 55 gallon drums. In the event of an accidental puncture or drum leak, drum seals are quickly accessible and placed over the leaking area.

Oil RemoverOil Stain Remover
The oil stain remover eliminates oil and grease from a variety of hard ground surfaces. A 16 oz. bottle treats an area stained with grease up to 3 square feet. The oil stain remover features biodegradable, citrus-based ingredients that are safe for the environment and completely phosphate-free. This is a great solution for oil, grease, hydraulic fluid, and various hydrocarbons. The stain remover comes in two different size bottles: 16 oz. and 32 oz.

These accessories will keep you in regulatory compliance, avoiding any associated fines. Your facility will be ready for potential accidents and can stop spills from becoming unmanageable. Don't be caught off guard! Prepare today.

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Questions about drum pallet accessories? We can help! Call the GEI Works team at +1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your spill protector requirements.