Emergency Water Containment Pool

Self-Rising Onion Tank

emergency water containment poolQuestion: I am looking for an emergency water containment pool that I can use to quickly contain liquids in case of a spill. I require that it can be quickly implemented for secondary containment. Do you have any product capable of this?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! There are a couple of different options you can consider for quick secondary containment of your liquids. If you are looking for a tank that can provide immediate response, a great option is the Self-Rising Onion Tank. This onion-shaped containment pool is frequently used for decontamination and containment operations. Its ability to self rise as it fills with water makes emergency response fast and easy.

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onion containment tankThe Self-Rising Onion Tank is one of the easiest containment options and features a foam collar that rises to contain liquids as they leak from valves, vehicles, machinery, and several other products. Features for these onion tanks includes:

  • PVC or Elvaloy Material
  • Foam Collar the Rises as it Fills
  • Capacities: 250 to 10,000 gallons
  • Open Top Onion Design

These features work together to form several important tank advantages when using this product as an emergency water containment pool. Some of these advantages include:

  • Self Rising
  • No Assembly Required
  • Easy to Transport to New Locations
  • Reliable Liquid Storage
  • Self-Supporting

Onion tanks are available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate both large and small spill requirements. Tanks are often sized up to 10,000 gallons to meet the needs of your site. One of the best advantages to using this containment pool is its ability to be quickly implemented under a leak or spill. Built with an open top and self rising exterior, tanks only need to be quickly carried to designated locations for placement under a spill.

For other types of secondary containment, such as containment around storage tanks or valves, the air wall tank can be a compact and easy to setup option.

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