Fuel Secondary Containment

Bladder Tanks for Secondary
Containment of Cabinets

Cabinet Bladder System

Fuel secondary containment bladders are designed to provide an extra storage/containment space for use under cabinets and other storage equipment. Built to include a flexible bladder, these units can be easily added to almost any cabinet to help comply with fire and spill containment regulations. fuel secondary containment storage

Items are available in both one and two drum models, depending on the storage space in your flammable cabinet. All units include a flexible storage tank and outer framework, allowing them to sit directly underneath the cabinet. If a spill occurs, tanks will expand to store the spilled liquids. Containment capacity for the tanks is 82 gallons for 1 drum models, and 100 gallons for 2 drum models.

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Technical Specifications

Part # 2420 2421
Model 1-Drum Model 2-Drum Model
Overall Dimensions 37¾" x 37¾" x 6¼" 63½" x 37¾" x 6¼"
Frame Outside Dimensions 34½" x 34½"  59½" x 34½"
Frame Inside Dimensions 28½" x 28½" 53½" x 28½"
Weight  57 lbs 85 lbs
Load Capacity 1500 lbs 3000 lbs
Containment Capacity 82 gallons 100 gallons


  • Contains Spills While Protecting from Fire
  • Fits Underneath Drum Cabinets
  • 1-Drum and 2-Drum Models
  • Containment Bladder "Hides" Until Needed
  • 6 1/4" Profile
  • Heavy Duty, Inner Steel Framework
  • Retrofitted to Almost Any Flammable Cabinet


  • Easily Comply with Fire and Spill Containment Regulations
  • Retrofit Vertical Drum Safety Cabinets
  • Complete Spill Containment
  • Low Profile Design for Easy Pouring
  • Containment Bladder Automatically Unfurls

How the Bladder Cabinet System Works:

drum secondary containment cabinetTo use, please use the following system as a guideline:

  1. First raise the drum cabinet 8” from the floor
  2. Slide the fuel storage secondary containment bladder underneath
  3. Finally lower the cabinet on top of it. The inner steel framework is strong enough to keep the cabinet stable. 

How does it work? Small spills are captured inside the polyethylene sump, but what if there is a large spill? This is where the bladder starts working. The bladder will automatically unfurl as the sump fills up to catch overflow for truly complete secondary containment.

Questions? We can help! Call our team at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.