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Question: Do you have a fuel tank containment system for a fuel tank that holds 1135 liters? This tank is already double walled, but we were asked to provide spill containment for the tank. The general size we are looking for is something around 36" wide, 6'8" long and 2'6" high. Do you have anything like this?fuel tank containment

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! For fuel tank spill containment in the capacity you have specified, a great option would be our Spill Containment Sumps. These open top tanks have been used to store a variety of chemicals including oil, fuel, and other hazardous materials.

These containment vessels have a storage capacity of 1110 gallons, or approximately 4201 liters. This is more than enough to provide you with 110% secondary containment for your fuel tank.

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These secondary containment sumps have been molded from a single piece of polyethylene to provide you with a reliable containment option. Some of the many features found on this unit include:

  • fuel tank containmentSingle Piece of Polyethylene: Using a single piece of polyethylene means this containment product does not have any seams. This provides you with an economical, yet secure, containment tank.
  • Available Drains: To help make spill cleanup easier, these fuel containment sumps are often built with drains to help filter out materials after a spill.

    Sizing for these drain fittings include sizes of 3/4" and 2". If you will be storing these units in an outdoor location, a drain with self bailer (filter) can help drain out stormwater after rainfall events.
  • Space Saving Dimensions: Best of all, these units are designed specifically for space saving applications. Its outside dimensions are 148" x 63" x 33" which could work in your storage space.

These fuel tank containment sumps are designed to hold 1000 gallon fuel tanks, meaning you can store your unit with confidence that it will contain any spill from your 1000 liter fuel tank.

The polyethylene material is a highly resistant fabric that is well known to hold up against various chemicals and is resistant to both rust and corrosion. This makes the unit ideal for either indoor or outdoor storage.

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Questions? We can help! Call our team at +1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.