Fuel Tank Secondary Containment

Secondary Containment Sump

Question: I am in need of fuel tank secondary containment products. I have a fuel tank that is around 1000 gallons and I require some kind of device to contain this tank. What would my options be?

oil containment sumpAnswer: For containment of 1000 gallon fuel tanks, one of the best options you could consider is the Secondary Containment Sump. This containment sump is designed specifically for the storage of 1000 gallon tanks and features a sump capacity of 1100 gallons to offer a complete 110% secondary containment option.

This containment sump is made from high quality polyethylene and offers the high resistance necessary for containing a large fuel tank and being stored in an outdoor location.

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Containment Sump Features

In order to properly and fully contain your fuel materials, this sump is built with several features that will equip it for this type of use. Some of these features include:

  • Single Piece of Molded Polyethylene (high in durability and strength)
  • Optional Drain (for draining out stormwater)
  • Nesting Storage (nests the tank in place)
  • 110 Capacity (allows for 110% complete containment of a tank)

One of the best advantages offered by this containment sump is its ability to completely contain materials and help prevent stormwater contamination. When used in combination with a self-bailer or other type of filtering device, this sump has been successfully used for the following regulations:

  • Stormwater BMP
  • Compliance for SPCC
  • EPA Compliance
  • SWPPP Solutions
  • LEED Solution

Fuel Spill Containment Berms

In addition to the highly compatible containment sump, you could also consider and implement a secondary spill berm for fuel tank secondary containment. Secondary berms can be great for containment requirements that may need to be moved around or changed over time. In general, secondary containment berms are typically high in strength and can be effectively built with a resistance to fuel and other materials.

spill containment bermContainment berms, such as the Aluminum Angle Spill Berm Model shown here, are typically built with a wall height of around one foot to effectively contain materials in a spill. Other wall options include:

  • Air Walls
  • Foam Walls
  • Combination of Air and Foam Walls

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