Secondary Containment

Spill Containment Compliance Solutions

Need a secondary containment solution for your facility? Looking for ways to keep your site in compliance? GEI Works (formerly Granite Environmental) can help! Here you will find a huge variety of spill containment and control products to help with all your secondary containment requirements. Whether you are looking for containment berms, containment liners, spill pallets or containment tanks, we have a product that can meet your needs! Our selection of products aims to keep you in compliance with the EPA, SPCC, and NPDES Regulations, and more. Please browse through the products below to find the best option for your location.

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Oil Spill Containment
oil containment
Spill Pallets
spill pallets
Secondary Containment Berms
secondary containment berm

Containment Liners
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Secondary Containment Tanks
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Drum Equipment

Spill Containment Product Selection

Our spill containment product selection can range anywhere from containment berms to rigid spill pallets. Products are available for the containment of fuel, oil, hydrocarbons, chemicals, frac liquids and more.

Containment Berms & Liners

spill bermSecondary Containment Berm: Our Spill Berm variety includes aluminum angle, foam wall and combination wall berms to keep hazardous materials safely contained. With drive-thru capabilities and large capacity storage, these products keep you in compliance by containing spills, leaks, and runoff from tanks, vehicles, equipment and decontamination wash down.

containment linersContainment Liners: Helping to meet your specific requirements, these liners are available in a variety of materials including the following:

  • Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • PVC

With thicknesses ranging from three (3) mil. to forty-five (45) mil, we have the right liner for your site, pond, lagoon or job site.

Spill Pallets & Containment Tanks

Spill Pallets: Our assortment of Secondary Spill Containment Pallets offers you a range of choices for storing drums, batteries, pails, and other small equipment. Options include pallets:

  • spill palletsTwo (2) to eight (8) Drum Pallets (Hardcovers available for extra protection)
  • Two (2) to eight (8) Drum Workstations
  • Spill Pads

Containing oil: We have a variety of spill containment products available to assist with secondary spill containment for drums and tanks alike. Need to store and transport? We have spill containment products for that too, which are independently certified for transport on land, sea, or in the air!

Containment Tanks: The tank and pool selection offers a selection of self-supporting pools as well as basins, double wall tanks, and used oil storage.  Sharing the goal of containing hazardous liquids, they all work to keep your site compliant.

Spill Containment Absorbents

oil absorbent boomIn addition to products that can successfully store drums and other equipment, Granite Environmental also offers a range of products to help address spills once they have occurred on your site. With models such as containment booms, socks, pads and rolls, these items can successfully control spills and absorb liquids on your site. Check out our Oil Absorbent Products for more information.

Already have all of your secondary spill containment products? Check out our accessories to make your job even easier. From secondary containment dollies to cabinet storage and covers, protect your goods and workers with these helpful spill clean-up and containment tools.  

To view our entire collection of Spill Containment Products, including all the products mentioned above, check out our Secondary Spill Containment Product Listing Page.

Questions? We can help! Call our team at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.