Liner Geomembrane

45 mil Liner

This 45 mil secondary containment liner geomembrane style is a high quality option that can help protect materials such as fuel, oil, and other hydrocarbons from seeping into the environment. liner geomembrane

Liners featured here are designed with a 45 mil thickness to offer a high resistance to chemicals and other materials. All liners are rugged and durable in strength to hold up to a range of liquids and site conditions. Often functioning as a pond liner, lagoon liner, or construction site liner,
these robust materials have helped stabilize the interior of a pond and prevent leaks or spills.

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  • Thickness: 45 mil.
  • Cold Crack Temperature: -30° F
  • High Tearing and Puncture Strength


  • Can be Repaired
  • Easy to Install
  • Tough, Durable, and Resistant to Many Chemicals
  • Usable in Colder Temperatures
  • Thickness Helps Provide High Performance

How Does This Product Keep you in Compliance?

Liners Geomembrane
Technical Specifications

Gauge, Nominal (Mils) ASTM-D751 45 +/- 10%
Piles Reinforcing 6.5 Ounce 1
Tongue Tear
(LBS Min.)
Procedure B
135 x 135 lbs.
Trapezoid Tear
(LBS Min.)
Section 14
75 x 75 lbs.
Grab Tensile
(LBS Min.)
Procedure A
500 x 450 lbs.
Strip Tensile
(LBS Min.)
Procedure B
400 x 300 lbs.
Ply Adhesion
(LBS / In. Min.)
ASTM-D751 10 lb.
Hydrostatic Resistance
(P.S.I. Min.)
Procedure A
600 psi
Puncture Resistance
(1" Ball)
ASTM-D751 600 lbs.
Low Temperature
Degrees F
ASTM-D2136 -30°F
Dimensional Stability
(% Max.)
(1 Hr. @ 212°F)

In addition to the 45 mil liner featured here, we also offer several lower strength options in various styles and
fabrics. The available liner options include PVC, LLDPE, Elvaloy, and more. For more options, please check out
all of our Liner Geomembranes.


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Questions? We can help! Call our team at +1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.