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Geomembrane Containment Liners

40 oz. Liners

The 40 mil liners geomembrane are an excellent choice for lining around construction sites, storage facilities, industrial locations and other areas looking to contain oil, hydrocarbons. Built from a robust and high-resistance faliners-geomembranebric, these liners are the perfect choice for containment under machinery, pond lining, tank containment or pit lining.

The liner featured here has been constructed with a heavy duty fabric which offers superior UV and chemical resistance. Liner fabric options include Elvaloy, PVC, and Polyurethane.

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  • Weight: 40 oz.
  • Thickness: 38 mil ± 2 oz./yd²
  • Typically Made using XR-5 or Comparable Materials
    (additional material options available including Elvaloy, PVC, and Urethanes)
  • High Chemical Resistance
  • Withstands Contact to Hydrocarbons
  • High Tensile Strength


  • Economical
  • High Resistance to Puncturing and Tearing
  • Can Handle Larger Loads
  • Durable and Rugged Construction
  • Strong and Versatile
  • Simple Installation Process

How Does This Product Keep you in Compliance?

40 mil Liners Geomembrane
Technical Specifications

Standard Fabric Standard Value Metric Value
Base Fabric Type
ASTM D3776
Base Fabric Weight (nominal)
ASTM D3776
6.5 oz./yd2 220 g/m2
40.0 oz. nominal 1.0mm  nominal
38.0 ± 2oz/yd2 1288 ± 70 g/m2
Tear Strength
ASTM #D 1117, Trapezoid Tear
35/35 lbf min 155/155 N min.
Breaking Yield Strength
ASTM D751, Grab Tensile
550/550 lbf min 2447/2447 N min.
Low Temperature
ASTM D2136, 4 hr- 1/8" Mandrel
Pass @ -30° F Pass @ -35° C
Dimensional Stability
ASTM D1204, 212°F - 1 HR
1.5% max.
each direction
Adhesion - Heat Sealed Seam
ASTM D751, Dielectric Weld
35 lbf /2 in min 15 daN/ 5cm min.
Dead Load - Seam Shear Strength
ASTM  D751
2 in. seam, 4 hr. 1 in. strip
210 lbf @ 70°F
105 lbf @ 160° F
5 cm seam, 4 hr, 2.5 cm strip
934 N @ 21° C
467 N @ 70° C
Bursting Strength
ASTM D751 Ball Tip
650 lbf Min.
800 lbf typical
2892 N min.
3560 N Typical
Hydrostatic Resistance
ASTM D751, Method A
800 psi min 5.51 MPa min.
Blocking Resistance
ASTM D751 (180° F/ 82°C)
# 2 Rating Max
Adhesion - Ply
15 lbf/in min
or film tearing bond
13 daN/5cm min
or film tearing bond
Bonded Seam Strength
ASTM D751 as modified by NSF 54
550 lbf min. 2447 N min.
Abrasion Resistance
ASTM D3389 (H-18 Wheel, 1000g Load)
2000 cycles (min.) before fabric exposure
50 mg/100 cycles max weight loss
Weathering Resistance
ASTM G23 (Carbon-Arc)
8,000 hrs (min) - No appreciable changes
or stiffening or cracking of coating
Water Absorption
ASTM D471, Section 12, 7 days
.025 kg/m2 max. @ 70° F/21° C
.14 kg/m2 max. @ 212° F/100° C
Wicking - Shelter-Rite® Procedure 1/8 in max. 0.3 cm max.
Puncture Resistance
ASTM D4833
250 lbf min. 1112 N min
Coefficient of Thermal 8 x 10-6 in/in/°F max.
1.4 x 10-5 cm/cm/ °C max.

Additional Containment Liner Options

Used for a wide range of containment, stabilization, and pollution prevention jobs, liners are also available in several different materials and thicknesses, including options from 12 to 60 mil. Please do not hesitate to specify a specific material or thickness so our team can work to determine if an option is available that can work with your requirements. For more information, check our our complete Liners Geomembrane Variety.


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