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LLDPE Containment Liner

Containment Liners from LLDPE Material

An LLDPE Containment Liner is the perfect way to contain spills and small leaks that can occur during storage, machinery movement, or construction applications. Designed as linear low density polyethylene liner, these lldpe containment linercontainment fabrics are flexible and robust to handle various spill containment applications.

When looking into containment liner applications, many customers wonder what the difference is between an LLDPE and HDPE material. The main difference revolves around the flexibility of these liners. The LLDPE liner is typically more flexible and better equipped to mold to different location requirements. LLDPE is commonly used as a poly liner for secondary containment, construction sites, and other locations.

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  • LLDPE Material
  • Flexible Exterior
  • Multiple Sizes to Fit your Dimensions
  • High Strength and Resistance
  • Typical Thicknesses: 20 mil to 60 mil


  • Flexible to Mold to your Location
  • High Liquid Resistance
  • Easy to Move and Install
  • Many Options to Fit your Requirements
  • High or Low Strength Options as Needed

Containment Liner Applications:

  • Under Machinery and Equipment
  • Secondary Containment for Tanks
  • Containment on Construction Sites
  • Roll Off Containment Liners
  • Industrial Pond Liners

Liners Technical Specifications




LLDPE or LLDPE/RPE Combination

Multiple Sizes to Fit your Job Site Application

Available with Sleeves for Inserting Pipes or 2 x 4s

Can come with Grommets

Additional Secondary Containment Options

lldpe containment linerIn addition to LLDPE liners, we also offer several other options to help with containment or liquid requirements. These additional fabrics include Reinforced Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PVC, and XR-5 (or equivalent) materials. Each of these liners are designed for the containment of several different materials including chemicals, frac liquids, hydrocarbons, water, and more. This has helped for industrial lining, lagoon liners, and more.

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Questions? We can help! Call our team at +1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.