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Oil Absorbent Products

Oil Absorbent Booms

Oil Absorbent Products are great additions to any site storing hazardous liquids such as oil, hydrocarbons, chemicals, or aggressive liquids. These items are valuable assets for spill containment and response plans, with their ability to quickly surround spills and absorb liquids. To fit the requirements of multiple types of projects, these products are available in different models including oil absorbent socks, booms, rolls, pads, and more. Browse through the selections below to find the absorbent product that will best meet your specific needs.

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Oil Absorbent Socks

Oil Absorbent Pads

Oil Absorbent Roll

oil absorbent boom
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absorbent boom

Absorbent Booms

Absorbent Product Variety

The range of different absorbent styles and models accommodate the needs of warehouses, facilities, storage areas, frac locations and hazmat areas. When choosing a spill absorbents, models are typically broken out as either a containment or clean up product.

Containment Products

Containment Absorbents feature extended lengths that can successfully surround spills, curve around machinery, or stop spills from spreading around an area. These items are typically round in shape and feature an increased height that can prevent the flow of liquids.

Models include:

  • oil absorbent boomOil Absorbent Boom: Features exteriors of 5 or 8 inches, these booms are the most robust option for containing oil in either a water or land based area.
  • Absorbent Socks: Smaller in diameter, absorbent socks fit neatly around drums, machinery, and other storage vessels.

Clean Up Products

Once a spill has been successfully contained, Clean Up Oil Absorbent Products are implemented to absorb liquids and contaminated materials. Clean up products are typically flat and are able to cover a larger spill area. Models can be short to quickly absorb spilled liquids in small areas or long/extend to accommodate transportation routes or under equipment.

Models include:

  • oil absorbent rollAbsorbent Pads: Most Common used items for spill clean up that is easy to grab and place in an area to quickly absorb aggressive or non-agressive materials.
  • Absorbent Rolls: Designed for larger areas but perforated to come apart for smaller areas. These extendable models are used to lie along paths, walkways, fit under larger machinery or large storage areas.

See our Spill Clean Up Product Flyer for more information on our absorbents.

Spill Kits

Absorbents are frequently implemented as part of a Spill Clean Up Kit. Spill Kits will typically include a variety different types absorbents as well as disposal items (trash bags) and safety equipment (goggles, manuals and gloves). These kits come in multiple sizes for the severity of the spill.

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