Plastic Containment Sumps

Poly Sumps for Secondary Containment

Question: I am looking for plastic containment sumps. Basically I am looking for a big tub made of plastic. We need something that can hold at least 600 gallons. The tanks we are storing on going to be on a rack, would we would need something that could go underneath a tank? We need to store two 500 gallon tanks. What do you have available?

plastic containment sumpAnswer: There are a couple of different options available for the type of storage you have described. The first would be the Secondary Containment Sump. This secondary containment product is designed almost exactly as you have described, but would only be available in capacities of 275 or 1100 gallons.

The 1100 gallon option (shown right) may be able to hold the capacity of both your tanks if the correct spacing and sizing is an option for you.

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Containment Sump Features:

  • Single Piece of Polyethylene
  • High Resistance to Chemicals, Rust, and Corrosion
  • Drain Fittings Available (3/4" or 2")
  • Sump Storage Capacity of 1100 gallons
  • Helps Comply with Stormwater, EPA, and SPCC Requirements

When used for secondary containment purposes, these plastic containment sumps have often been used in combination with drains to help comply with local regulations.

These fittings help you to easily drain the contents after a rain event (if your products will be stored outdoors). Filters may also be added to the end of a drain to help filter stored contents prior to exiting the containment area.

Containment Basins

spill basinIf you are looking for individualized containment for each tank, another option you could consider is the poly containment basin.

These basins are made from an equally resistant polyethylene material can be made in capacities anywhere from 385 to 8750 gallons.

This includes a basin with a 675 gallon capacity. Features for this would include:

  • Dimensions: 66" Diameter x 46" Height
  • High Resistance Poly Exterior
  • Typically Black for extra UV Resistance
  • Helps Comply with EPA Regulations
  • Thick Exteriors for Heavy Duty Resistance

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Questions? We can help! Call our team at +1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.