Poly Dolly

Drum Trucks for SPCC Compliant Handling

poly dollyIs 55-gallon drum transport a hassle? Simplify life with a poly dolly or drum truck! Tough polyethylene construction boasts longevity with corrosion and rust resistance, standing up to years of general wear and tear. Ergonomic designs take strain off of the user, providing easier and more effective transportation systems.

As an added bonus, these drum trucks not only transport 55-gallon drums but also become efficient self-dispensing stations when tilted. They act as their own secondary containment units as well, keeping compliant with EPA, SPCC, and NPDES Regulations.

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Poly Dolly and Drum Truck Features

  • poly dollyPolyethylene Construction
  • U-Shaped Barrel Platform
  • Looped Security Strap
  • Kick Plate
  • Rolled-Grip Handles
  • 10" Wheels
  • Transports 55-Gallon Drums

Poly Dolly and Drum Truck Benefits

  • Lightweight Designpoly dolly
  • Ergonomic to Remove Strain
  • Easy Drum Loading
  • Effective Transportation
  • Can Dual-Function as a Self-Dispensing Station
  • Acts as a Secondary Containment Unit
  • Withstands Daily Rigors
  • Will Not Rust or Corrode
  • Easy to Clean

Which Regulations Do Drum Trucks Comply With?

Poly Dolly and Drum Truck Technical Specifications

Description Dimensions Weight Load Bearing
Sump Capacity
Poly Dolly 69” L x 32” W x 26.5” H 102.4 lbs. / 46.4 kg 600 lbs. / 272 kg 70 G / 265 L
Drum Truck 72.25” L x 32” W x 27” H 118 lbs. / 53.5 kg 600 lbs. / 272 kg 66 G / 250 L

Steel Dolly

poly dollyFor pared down, easy drum transportation, the steel dolly is an oil drum caddy for single flat-bottom drums. Lift the drum onto the caddy, and it can easily roll throughout the facility. Unlike the drum truck dolly, this oil drum caddy doesn't act as a dispensing station or provide secondary containment, but it does serve as a simple, straightforward transportation option.

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Questions about a 55 gallon drum truck? We can help! Call the GEI Works team at +1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your drum truck requirements.