Polypropylene Containment Liner

Polypropylene Pond Liners

polypropylene linerQuestion: I am looking for a polypropylene containment liner that I can use in an evaporation pond. I need something to line the bottom of the pond to help with containment of the water and salt. Do you have polypropylene liners?

Answer: For lining of areas such as ponds or landfills, there are several different polypropylene models that you could choose from to achieve an appropriate level of containment. These liners will include both a 36 mil and 45 mil option that will allow ponds to be completely lined and contained.

As with many of our secondary containment liners, these products are designed to help with liquid containment in a wide range of facilities and locations. Liners are built to different
thickness levels to help effectively contain spills and prevent items from seeping into the ground.

Polypropylene Liner Options

These containment liners are typically made from the following fabric materials and feature the following options:

  • Polypropylene Material
  • Thickness Options: Either 36 mil or 45 mil
  • Low Temperature Flexibility: -50° F
  • Available Liner Colors:
    • Tan/Tan
    • Black/Black
    • Tan/Black
  • Tested UV Resistance Time: over 12,000 hours

These liners are available in both industrial and potable grades depending on the type of water you will be storing in your evaporation pond or water location.

These pond liners have been used in several different locations including use as containment liners, pond liners, and more. Some locations where these liners have been used include the following:

  • Evaporation Ponds
  • Landfills
  • Under Machinery and Tanks
  • Around Storage Facilities
  • Ponds (as both floating covers and liners)

In addition to the polypropylene containment liner, we also offer several additional Secondary Containment Liners that can be used for pond lining and other containment jobs. These will include HDPE, XR-5, and various other geomembrane liners.

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