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Polypropylene Liner

36 mil. PP Liners

36 mil. PP Liners

The 36 mil Polypropylene Liner is a high strength option for ponds, lakes, reservoirs, irrigation areas, canals and lagoons. Designed to offer a high resistance to chemicals and UV exposure, these liners are well equipped to handle a range of storage areas, chemicals and temperatures. polypropylene liner

Polypropylene liners shown here have been frequently used as both primary and secondary containment liners. When used for lakes and ponds, these liners act as a reinforcing layer that will hold liquids and prevent contamination into the surrounding areas. For secondary containment applications, liners are placed under equipment and tanks to catch small spills and leaks. Liners shown here feature a 36 mil thickness, UV resistance of over 12,000 hours and a low temperature flexibility of -50° F.

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  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Thickness: 36 mil.
  • UV Resistance Time: More than 12,000 hours
  • Low Temperature Flexibility: -50° F
  • Sizing: Based on the Size of your Pond, Lake or Containment Location


  • Equipped to Handle Low Temperatures
  • High Resistance to UV/Outdoor Exposure
  • Rated for Chemicals, Water and Multiple Liquids
  • Many Fabrics and Sizes
  • Cost Effective and Ready for Use

Where have Liners been used?

  • Lakes
  • Ponds
  • Landfills
  • Canals
  • Industrial Facilities

Polypropylene Liners
Technical Specifications

Property Value Test
Gauge, Nominal 36 mil  
Piles Reinforcing 1  
Breaking strength - fabric
275 x 225 ASTM D751
Method A
Low Temperature Flexibility
1/8" Mandrel
-65°F ASTM D2136
4 hours
Puncture Resistance 250 FTM 101C
Tear strength
100 lbs. ASTM D751
Dimensional Stability
1% ASTM D1204
(180°F/ 1 HR)
Hydrostatic Resistance
350 psi ASTM D751 METHOD A
Ply Adhesion
20 lbs/in ASTM D413
Water Absorption
<1% ASTM D471
UV Resistance >12,000 hours ASTM G26 XENON ARC


Not sure if this is the right liner for you? Please feel free to call us! We offer a variety of different liner materials and strengths and are happy to discuss your conditions with you.

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