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Decontamination Pools with Easy Transport

Question: I am looking for a portable decon pool that I can bring with me and use in various areas for containment of contaminated products. I would require something that is sturdy, yet easy to move. Do you have anything like this available?

Answer: For the type of secondary containment you have requested, there are a couple of different options you could consider. The most sturdy option for this type of storage would be the Small Frame Tank. This tank features high resistance liners, reliable containment areas, and a sturdy frame wall that successfully hold all the liquids necessary for storage within your tank.

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Frame Tank Decontamination Pool Features

The Frame Tank has several reliable features that has allowed it to be used in the process of decontamination. These features include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • frame tankReliable Liner: The inner liner of this tank has been made from several different fabrics. The standard fabric used would be a PVC liner, though other materials can be used if required for the storage of your specific liquid (an MSDS may be required).

  • Frame: The outer frame of these tanks will be made from either an aluminum or steel material. When compared, aluminum is typically the lighter option and can be used for easier transportation. The steel option, while heavier, can provide you with sturdy frame that supports large quantities of liquid.

Frame Tank Advantages

The advantages of this frame tank includes the following:

  • Easily Transported: The frame tank can be easily transported while in use by removing the outer frame and folding up the inner liner. This can be ideal for your decontamination needs as it will allow the tank to move quickly from one location to the next.

  • Small Footprint: The tank is designed to offer a small footprint both while it's in storage and while it's in use. This creates easy storage, quick mobility, and a limited use area.

  • Quick Setup: Best of all, the frame tank also offers a quick setup that is ideal for emergency situations. This has allowed customers to quickly implement the tank as a decon pool in fast response situations.

Additional Options

In addition to this frame tank, we also offer a couple of other portable decon pool options that could work in decontamination efforts. These options include:

  • secondary containment for tanksAir Wall Tank: Similar to the frame tank, the air wall tank can offer fast setup and mobility to your site. As opposed to having a frame exterior, these units have air walls that can be easily filled.

  • Self-Rising Onion Tank: Another favorite for this application is the self-rising onion tank. This tank features an onion-style design and lies flat when empty. As the open top fills with water, the walls of the tank will rise on their own to accommodate the increase of water.

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Questions? We can help! Call our team at +1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.