Secondary Containment Frac Berm

Frac Tank and Oil Field Containment

The secondary containment frac berm is made from robust materials to Secondary Containment Frac Bermaccommodate the storage of frac water storage tanks, fuel tanks and more. Berms used for this purpose will commonly feature one of two different designs: aluminum angle wall model or foam wall model.

The aluminum angle model can offer an increased wall height that provides a higher storage capacity, while the foam wall offers easier access to the containment area. Either will offer robust and high strength materials that can withstand contact with frac fluids, fuel and various other liquids.

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  • Wall Options: Aluminum Angles or Foam Wall Berms (4", 6" or 8" in diameter)
  • Materials Available: XR-5, Urethane, LLDPE, Reinforced PVC, or Equivalent Fabrics
  • Can be Built to Contain 110% Storage Capacity
  • Standard and Custom Sizing Available


  • Easy to Install
  • Portable
  • Helps Prevent Contamination
  • Robust and Reliable Fabric Options
  • Drive Through Options
  • Tank Containment and Spill Berm in One!

How Does This Product Keep you in Compliance?

Strong, flexible, economical, and compliant, it’s easy to see how this tank containment and spill berm in one is a smart choice for your fracking operation.

Aluminum Angle Berm Technical Specifications

Liner Material**  Length (ft)  Width (ft)  Height (ft)
Liner Options include:
XR-5 (or equivalent)
and More
8 8 1
10 10 1
10 24 1
12 12 1
12 20 1
12 26 1
12 36 1
12 50 1
12 60 1
12 70 1
14 45 1
14 54 1
15 66 1

Foam Wall Berm Technical Specifications

Liner Material Dimensions
Liner Options include:
XR-5 (or equivalent)
and More
10' x 20' x 4"
10' x 25' x 4"
12' x 30' x 4"
12' x 50' x 4"
12' x 75' x 4"

Secondary Containment Frac Berm Liner Options

In order to accommodate your exact oil field storage requirements, frac tank berms are available in several different sizing, fabric and style options. Liners may be chosen based on preference or the specific material the liner may need to be able to contain. Please view the various storage options below or contact us for more information regarding berm containment options.

Liner Options

  • Polyurethane
  • XR-5, Elvaloy, or Equivalent Fabrics
  • Reinforced PVC

Wall Options

  • Aluminum Angles
  • Foam Walls (4", 6" or 8")

In addition to remaining high in strength and compatibility, these berms are also extremely portable making them perfect for multiple sites, tanks or containment requirements. Foam wall berms can be rolled up for transport, while aluminum angle berms feature removable aluminum angles that can be taken out and placed in a carrying bag. Once removed, the liner can then be folded up for quick transportation.

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