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Secondary Containment Liner

Industrial Liners, Pond Liners, Lagoon Liners, Containment Liners and More

Secondary Containment Liners are a reliable choice for any location dealing with spill control, temporary containment, or long term liquid storage. Frequently used in frac pits, landfills, dump trucks, hazardous waste storage areas, ponds, lagoons and job sites, these liners can add protection wherever it's need most. Standard fabric options include RPE (reinforced polyethylene), LLDPE, Polyethylene and Polypropylene.

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RPE Liners

hdpe secondary containment
hdpe-secondary containment
hdpe geomembrane liners

12 mil. Liner

20 mil Liner

Polypropylene & Polyethylene Liners

polypropylene liner
polethylene liner

36 mil. Polypropylene Liner

36 mil. Polyethylene Liner

45 mil. Polypropylene-Liner

Geomembrane Liners

hdpe secondary-containment
liner geomembrane

Secondary 36 mil.

36 mil. HR
Geomembrane Liner

45 mil. HR Liner

Hazardous Waste Liners

secondary containment for hazardous waste
containment liner
Pit Liner

Roll-Off Containment Liner

XR-5® Liners

geomembrane liner

40 mil Liners-Geomembrane

30 mil. Liner-Geomembrane

Geomembrane Liner

Primary & Secondary Industrial Containment Liners

Primary and Secondary Containment Liners are available in a range of fabrics to accommodate different liquids and storage requirements.

Available Fabrics:

  • Reinforced Polyethylene (RPE)
  • Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE)
  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • XR-5®
  • Coolguard HR Elvaloy®
  • LLDPE/HDPE Blends

While RPE and LLDPE are some of our fabric options, heavier fabrics may be required for locations dealing with high levels of hydrocarbons or other demanding liquids. Typical liners will range anywhere from 3 to 60 mil in size.

Pond and Liquid Containment Liners

pond linersOne of the most commonly used fabrics for ponds and pits is the RPE (reinforced polyethylene) liner. Made in 12, 20 or 24 mil options, these liners are heavy duty, high in chemical resistance, and flexible to fit almost any area including the following:

  • Pond Liners
  • Industrial Waste Containment
  • Pond Liners
  • Dumpster Liners
  • Landfill Liners
  • Fuel Containment Liners
  • Lagoon Liners
  • Frac Pit Liners
  • Industrial Site Liners
  • Canal Liners
  • Construction Site Liners

Most RPE Liners are designed as a flat liner that allows them to be quickly installed in newly developed ponds.

Benefits and Uses

Regardless of your application, these liners are successfully able to accommodate any of the following liquids:

  • Waste Water
  • Process Water
  • Unfiltered Sediment Water
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Oil
  • Grease
  • Chemical Based Liquids

Additional Information

To check out how some of these materials match up against each other, please feel free to check out our Secondary Containment Liner Comparison Chart.

Other Product Categories:

secondary containment pallets Secondary Containment Pallets

secondary containment tanks

Secondary Containment Tanks

spill containment accessories Spill Containment Accessories

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