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Secondary Containment Pallets

Spill Containment Pallets, Decks, and Workstations

Secondary containment pallets are one of the strongest available options for storing 55 gallon drums, tanks, or chemical storage containers. Often constructed from a robust, high-resistance polyethylene, these pallets provide a firm storage space for hazardous materials.

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Drum Spill Pallets

spill pallet
drum spill pallets
drum containment pallets

2 Drum Spill Pallet 2000

Low Profile 4 Drum Containment Pallets

spill containment pallet
containment pallet
spill control pallets
spill collector

Hard Cover Spill Pallets

hard top spill pallets
2 drum spill pallet
4 drum spill pallet

2 Drum Spill Pallet Hardcover

4 Drum Spill Pallet Hardcover

ibc spill pallets

Secondary Containment Decks

2 Drum Secondary Containment System
drum containment system
remote secondary containment

2 Drum Secondary Containment System

4 Drum Containment System

6 Drum In-House Remote Secondary Containment

containment pallets secondary storage
drum containment
inline spill deck

8 Drum Containment Pallets Secondary Storage

Low Profile
Inline Spill Decks

spill deck with bladder
filter deck

Spill Deck Bladder Systems

Filter Spill Deck

Temporary Spill Pallets

spill pad
secondary spill containment basin
spill containment pallets

Spill Pad

Secondary Spill Containment Basin

Temporary Spill Containment Pallets

spill pallet

Spill Pallet

Drum Containment Pallets

drum containment palletsOne of the most commonly used for storing and containing 55 gallon drums. Featuring a large bottom sump area, these pallets are typically equipped to hold 110 percent of the largest storage container (approximately 65 gallons). Standard models include options that can hold two or four 55 gallon drums.


  • Removable Inside Grates
  • Bottom Poly Sump
  • 2 or 4 Drum Models
  • High Resistance Poly Exterior

Additional models include pallets with hardcovers for storage in outdoor locations.

Hardcover Spill Pallets

hard top spill palletsFor containment outdoor storage of drums, Hardcover Secondary Containment Pallets provide the protection and security necessary for this type of containment. Designed to completely enclose the drums, these covers protect drums from rain, wind, debris, and other outdoor elements.


  • Completely Surrounds and Protects Drums
  • Prevents Rain from Collecting in Bottom Sump
  • High Strength Material
  • Safe Storage for 55 Gallon Drums
  • Contains Liquids in the Event of a Spill

Low Profile Pallets or Spill Decks

containment pallets secondary storage Low profile spill pallet and decks are a great choice for any location that needs to frequently load and unload drums. Made with extended lengths that can accommodate up to eight (8) drums, these decks be used on their own or connected together to form large containment areas. This has helped companies store multiple drums without having to buy multiple containers. As an additional model, decks are also available with filtration components located inside the sump to help filter/empty out rain without causing contamination.


  • Easy Access for Forklifts
  • High Strength Grating
  • Covers a Large Square Foot Area
  • Connects to Form Extended Lengths

Temporary Spill Containment

spill containment palletsRealizing that not all spill containment requires long-term control, temporary spill containment pallets, trays, and pads, are also available. These flexible pallets are often folded or rolled for easy storage and fast transportation to a spill site. The flexible design of these models is perfect for emergency response or temporary storage requirements.


  • Spill Pad
  • Small Basins
  • Flexible Trays

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