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Secondary Containment Products

Drum Handling and Storage Equipment

Secondary containment products for drum handling and storage are designed to help sites store, contain, and transport drums. Offering products for cabinet storage, spill clean up, or drum storage, these items can keep sites clean and in compliance with hazardous material storage. Available options include drum funnels, drum storage racks, overpacks, and flammable storage cabinets.

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Polly Dolly
polly dolly
Drum Funnels
(Bung and Open Head)bung access funnels
Drum Funnel

drum funnel

Outdoor Storage Cover
outdoor storage cover

Flammable Storage Cabinet
flammable storage cabinet

Spill Containment Cabinet
spill containment cabinet

Overpack Drums
overpack drums

Spill Kit
spill kit

Drum Racks
drum racks

Drum Lifter
55 gallon drum lifter
Drum Pallet
drum seal

Drum Dispensing and Storage

For safe drum storage and dispensing, GEI Works offers a range of secondary containment products including drum racks, flammable cabinets, and drum funnels. Depending on your storage requirements, different options can be better equipped than others at safely storing your equipment.

Drum Funnels

One of the safest options for filling drums is through the use of a drum funnel. Available with a range of connections, these funnels sit on top of drums to slowly direct liquids into the drum. This helps to prevent spills, leaks, or drips during use. Models include the following:

  • Bung Access Funnels
  • Burp Free Models
  • Open Head Drum Funnels
  • Global Funnels

Drum Racks and Flammable Cabinets

When long term storage is a requirement, drum racks and cabinets can help to safely store and contain your drums. Drum storage racks will have a polyethylene storage structure with a bottom containment pallet/sump. This will safely keep drums stored, while creating a reliable storage area in the event of a leak. By contrast, flammable cabinets are made from a steel material to safely store hazardous or flammable liquids for extended periods of time.

Other Product Categories

oil secondary containment Oil Secondary

spill containment berm

Spill Containment

secondary containment linersSecondary Containment

Questions? We can help! Call our team at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.