Secondary Containment Protection Berm

Aluminum Angle Berm for Large Capacity Needs

secondary containment protectionSecondary containment protection berms are designed to contain spills from tanks, machineryand other storage equipment. Designed to help your location stay in compliance with EPA regulations, these berms are made in several different styles and fabrics including PVC, Elvaloy, and LLDPE.

Containment berms are designed in several different styles and models including aluminum angle wall berms, foam wall berms and drive through berms. Whether you need to contain small leaks or 110% containment, these berms can help!

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  • Standard Materials:
    • PVC
    • LLDPE
    • Elvaloy
    • Urethane

  • Berm Styles
    • Aluminum Angle Berms
    • Foam Wall Berms
    • Drive Through Berms

  • Additional fabrics also Available, please ask!
  • Aluminum Angle Bar Stock for Side Support
  • Drive In/Drive Out Capability
  • Ideal for Large Capacity Flexible Tanks


  • Easy Set Up and Installation
  • Multiple Styles and Fabrics
  • Equipped for Contact with Chemicals, Oil and Hazardous Liquids
  • Extremely Flexible, while Still Remaining Robust
  • Provides a High Level of Performance

How Does This Product Keep you in Compliance?

When used for the containment of large collapsible, steel or plastic tanks, these secondary containment protection berms can be used to provide 110 percent secondary containment for these units. Since these berms are designed to be placed directly underneath the tank, they can also provide the added bonus of abrasion resistance for longer lasting tank units.

Containment Berm Technical Specifications

Liner Material Options
for All Sizes
Dimensions (L x W x H)
22 oz PVC
36 mil PVC
40 mil LLDPE
30 oz. XR-5 (or equivalent)
32 oz. Polyurethane
8' x 8' x 1'
10' x 10' x 1'
10' x 24' x 1'
12' x 12' x 1'
12' x 20' x 1'
12' x 26' x 1'
12' x 36' x 1'
12' x 50' x 1'
12' x 60' x 1'
12' x 70' x 1'
14' x 45' x 1' 
14' x 54' x 1' 
15' x 66' x 1' 

Some of the many secondary containment protection berms we offer for storing drums, tanks, vehicles and other equipment includes the following:

  • Foam Wall Berms: The foam wall protection berms are a common choice for containment under vehicles. Berms will lie flat with bounce back walls that allow vehicles to drive directly onto the unit with no extra work.
  • Aluminum Angle Berms: Another common options for these berms is the aluminum angle spill containment berms. These berms feature aluminum angles that fit neatly into pockets located around the the berm wall.

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