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Secondary Containment Trays

Question: I am looking for spill containment trays to put under battery racks at my auto dealership. Do you have anything that would work? I think molded plastic or something like that would work best. Do you have anything like this? I would require a size of 26" x 16".spill containment trays

Answer: Secondary Containment Trays are available for placement under battery racks for the type of containment you are looking to achieve. Typically constructed from either a PVC or Urethane material, these trays are high strength and well equipped to handle chemicals, oil, and more.

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Spill Tray Features

Designed as one of the most economical secondary containment options, these trays have several features that help for multi-purpose jobs, quick response, or containment.

  • PVC or Urethane Material
  • Can be Rolled up when not in Use
  • Drain Fittings Available
  • Storage Bags Also Available
  • Multiple Fabrics Available
  • Typical Lengths: 2 to 5 feet
  • Typical Widths: 2 to 5 feet
  • Typical Height: 4 feet

spill containment bermFor the size you are looking for, there are a couple of different options you could consider. Since these berms are typically made by the foot, you could try a two foot by two foot style (24" x 24"), a three foot by two foot model (36" x 24"), or any other style required.

Depending on the exact type of storage you are looking for, you might also a Secondary Containment Berm. These berms are very similar in style to the spill tray and are often used for various containment requirements.

Spill Tray Applications

Used for several applications, these trays are an economical way to stay in compliance with local regulations and containment requirements. Some typical uses for these containment trays have included the following:

  • Containment of Small Cans or Equipment
  • Battery Containment
  • Small Spill Response Under Leaking Parts
  • Containment for Hydraulic Leaks or Breaks
  • Emergency Response Situations

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Questions? We can help! Call our team at +1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.