Containment Spill Pad

Secondary Containment for Smaller Items

Spill Containment Pads

The ENPAC Spill Pad is a compact containment unit designed to provide spill control for smaller items such as batteries, paint cans, small storage pails, chemicals, equipment and small drums (up to 16 gallons). Designed as a light weight alternative to the standard pallet, these models feature vinyl fabrics and a removable interior grating. This keeps the containment product easy to handle and clean. spill pad

All spill containment pads feature a removable poly grating that safely covers the berm sump area. If a spill occurs, grating can be quickly removed to allow for a swift cleanup of the containment area. Sump storage capacity options include 2 gallon, 7.5 gallon and 12 gallon options, depending on the size of the berm. All sizes feature a standard wall height of 2.5 inches.

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Spill Containment Pad Features:

  • Vinyl Berm Walls
  • Removable Polyethylene Grating
  • Three Different Sizes Available
  • Sump Capacity Options: 2 gal, 7.5 gal, 12 gal

Spill Containment Pad Benefits:

  • Fast Setup During Emergencies
  • Portable and Easy to Handle
  • Efficient Storage for Items like Batteries and 16 Gallon Drums
  • Provides Easy Access to the Sump
  • Not Hard to Clean
  • Light Weight
  • Quick and Easy Transportation

How Does This Product Keep you in Compliance?

Spill Pads Technical Specifications

Dimensions Weight Load Bearing Capacity Sump Capacity
23.5"L x 23.5"W x 2.25"H 13 lbs.
(5.8 kg)
4000 lbs
(1814.4 kg)
2 gal.
(7.6 liters)
23.5"L x 48.5"W x 2.25"H 21 lbs.
(9.54 kg)
8000 lbs.
(3628.7 kg)
7.5 gal.
(28.4 liters)
55.5"L x 55"W x 2.25"H 46 lbs.
(20.87 kg)
16000 lbs.
(7257.5 kg)
12 gal.
(45.4 liters)


Looking for a larger containment pallet? In addition to our lightweight option featured here, we also offer several larger spill containment pallets designed for storage of larger IBC units, 55 gallons drums or other large equipment. For these and other spill containment options, check out our Spill Pallet Variety.

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