Tank Containment Products

Secondary Containment for Tanks

GEI Works offers several products for Tank Containment, including rigid containment sumps, flexible containment sumps, decon pools, and spill containment berms. Equipped to handle tanks of almost any size and dimension, these flexible and reliable products have been used for fuel tank storage, oil tank storage, chemical storage, and even frac tank containment. Please view the products below to find the option that best meets your storage and containment requirements.

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Containment Sumps:

Containment sumps are one of the easiest ways to store fuel tanks, oil tanks, and other storage vessels on your construction site or industrial facility. Sumps are available in both a flexible and rigid model and are equipped for storage of the following tank sizes:

  • flexible containment sumps275 gallons (with and without drain)
  • 500 gallons (with and without drain)
  • 1,000 gallons (with and without drain)

In order to successfully contain these tank sizes, each sump is equipped with a storage capacity equal to at least 110 percent of the tank capacity. This allows you to meet containment requirements and regulations on your site. The following shows typical containment capacities for each sump size:

  • 275 gal Sump: 400 gal Containment Capacity
  • 500 gal Sump: 650 gal Containment Capacity
  • 1000 gal Sump: 1150 gal Containment Capacity

Rigid tank containment sumps are made from high resistance poly materials, while flexible sumps feature high resistance liners and several angles to help form a containment area. If there a specific liquid you are looking to store, please let us know so we can make sure the liquid is compatible with our containment sumps.

Containment Berms:

Similar in size and style, we also offer several containment berms that can be used to store tanks, vehicles, drums, and various other equipment. When compared to the containment sumps, berms will typically be lower in height but larger in dimensions to accommodate large tanks, vehicles, or storage containers. Berms will typically feature either foam or aluminum angle walls depending on your storage requirements. Foam walls are often recommended for locations needing drive through capabilities.

Questions? We can help! Call our team at +1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.