Tanker Truck Spill Containment

Tanker Tourniquet

Tanker Truck SealTanker trucks will have accidents, punctures, and corrosion as they travel and age. For tanker truck spill containment solutions, the tanker tourniquet acts as a quick- fix on the road or at a job site for any ferrous vessels. The tanker truck seal isolates and secures a puncture or rupture in a steel tank.

The tanker tourniquet works like a magnetic bandage when a tank gets damaged and needs a quick seal. The tanker truck seal and chemical resistance pad go over the leaking area, and the magnetic component latches itself on to the steel tank. Using that force, the compression material pushes itself into every part of the rupture.

The stainless steel tanker truck seals each consist of a backing plate with eight magnets. That backing plate pushes the EPDM sealing bladder against the tanker truck. A pressure pump is included to use as necessary.

See all the secondary containment options available from GEI Works on the Secondary Containment page.

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Tanker Truck Seal Details

Tanker Truck Spill Containment Features

  • Stainless Steel Backing Plate
  • EPDM Sealing Bladder
  • 3.5" x 16" Sealing Area
  • Pressure Pump
  • Eight Magnets

Tanker Truck Spill Containment Benefits

  • Seals Splits and Punctures
  • Stops Spillage from Tankers and Other Steel Containers
  • Protects the Environment and Employees
  • Prevents Total Loss of Tanker Load
  • Reduces Clean Up

Tanker Truck Spill Containment Technical Specifications

Description Full Dimensions Sealing Dimensions Weight
Tanker Tourniquet 15.75" x 32.25" x 3.25"
(400 mm x 819 mm x 83 mm)
3.5" x 16"
(89 mm x 406 mm)
19 lbs.
(8.7 kg)

Tanker Truck Spill Containment Chemical Compatibility

The tanker truck seal is compatible with a number of liquids, many of which are commonly transported within tanker trucks or steel drums. Before use, be sure that the tanker tourniquet is the appropriate solution. Below is a small listing of compatible liquids:

  • Antifreeze
  • Butanol
  • Detergent Solutions
  • Formic Acid
  • Hydrochloric Acid
  • Methanol
  • Water (Fresh and Salt)

For a complete breakdown of liquids compatible with the EPDM bladder, see the Tanker Truck Compatibility PDF chart.

Questions about tanker truck seals? We can help! Call our team at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your tanker truck leak repair requirements.