Tank Spill Containment

Secondary Containment for Storage Tanks

Tank spill containment products are designed to help with the containment and storage of tanks in your location. Depending on the requirements of your area, this can include hard spill pallets, containment basins, flexible containment berms, or a standard tank liner. Each can help to successfully keep spilled materials from contaminating your site.

Spill Pallets

spill containment palletA favorite for this type of containment is the Spill Containment Pallet. Made from durable polyethylene materials, these pallets have helped to store IBCs, 55 gallon drums, and various other hazardous material storage tanks. Options include the following:

  • Spill Drum Hardcovers
  • Sump Containment Pallets
  • Low Profile Spill Decks
  • Flexible Containment Pallets

Due to the construction of the pallet, these units are designed to hold up to water, rust, corrosion, and other materials.

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Secondary Spill Berms

As a flexible alternative, the Secondary Containment Berm can additionally be used to help with the storage and containment of tanks. Built from a robust, high-resistance liner, these berms have been placed under small or large storage tanks to collect and contain spilled materials.

spill containment bermSpill Berms are offered in the following models:

  • Drive Through Foam Wall Berms
  • Stationary Aluminum Angle Berms
  • Drive Through Berms

Made in almost any size, these berms can be made as a quick containment unit or as a bulk storage system that is equipped to store up to 110% the contents of your tank. Regardless of your requirements, these berms can help keep your liquids contained and your area in compliance.

Spill Basin

open top secondary containmentIf your tank instead features more of a standard design, you might also use something like the Spill Basin. This unit features a polyethylene exterior and has models with capacities up to almost 9000 gallons. This will give you several options for containment, including an 1800 gallon and a 2000 gallon model that can exceed your extra 15% capacity requirements.

Spill Basin Features:

  • Typically Features Black Polyethylene
  • Allows Tanks to be Stored Directly in the Unit
  • Helps Comply with EPA Requirements
  • Basin Style

Typically, anytime you are looking for a tank spill containment product, the capacity of the containment unit should be able to store at least 110 percent of the contents in your tank. This specification is designed to ensure that all the liquid you have in storage will be able to be contained in the event of a complete tank spill. Learn more about EPA Regulations

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